• The Chinese classes in our center focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing and we set up appropriate goals for each student based on his/her individual level of fluency and needs. We use PEP textbooks as a tool and select only the best and most appropriate text to teach.  We also select famous literacy from all over the world throughout time to broaden students' reading horizons and stimulate their interest in reading and their enthusiasm for writing.  Simultaneously we add the Chinese classical music, art works, current affairs, news, feature films, and documentaries as part of teaching resources.



  • 本中心的中文課涵蓋聽、說、讀、寫四方面,根据各學生的學習程度制定相應的教學目標。中文教材以人教版教材作為橋梁,靈活選用課本中的優秀篇目,亦會引用古今中外優秀的文學作品、科普讀物等,闊展學生的閲讀視野,激發學習興趣和創作熱情。同時,將中國古典音樂、美術作品、時事新聞、特色影片、記錄片等作為教學資源。 


​Pre school and lower primary school age (5-7 years old)

  • The focus for this age group is accumulation and use of language & knowledge, writing Chinese characters, cultivation of reading habits, continuous improvement of listening & speaking ability, expansion of vocabulary; laying a solid foundation for future study through learning of stoke, stroke order, radicals, characters, sentence structuring, graphics arrangement and story creations.



  • 這個年齡段強調知識和語言的積累舆運用、漢字的書寫、以及閲讀習慣的培養:繼續提高聽說能力,擴大詞彙量和識字量;通過筆畫、筆順、偏旁部首、字詞、詞性、句型的學習,以及圖畫排列/故事創作,為日後的中文學習打下牢固的基础。 

​Lower Primary (7-9 years old)

  • The key focus for this age group is to improve and develop student’s Chinese language ability in real life which involves cultivating good reading habits, improving reading comprehension and ability to use key words.  Students will further their study in stroking, and PinYin.  Students are encouraged to create their own story lines, or to observe and raise questions and write a persuasive essay. 

小學低中年級 (7-9歲)

  • 這個年齡段以提高和拓展為主,持續培養閲讀習惯,加強學生的語言應用能力:加強筆順概念和對漢字結構的理解,正确認讀拼音和發音,促進閲讀理解的訓練;創設情境,鼓勵孩子觀察和提問,並教導寫作思維的建立,故事/作文的創作。 

Upper primary(10-12 years old)

  • ​The focuses on this stage are strengthening reading comprehension and improving critical thinking ability.  We encourage students to learn new vocabularies through use of dictionary and educational guesses, and more importantly by a great deal of reading.  At this stage we want our students to have basic level of critical appreciate for literature.  Lastly, we continue to work on improving key words, idiom comprehension and implementation.

  • Students will study variety of writings styles, such as expository, descriptive, persuasive, narrative.  We encourage our students to write persuasive essay.  Through debate and problem solving, students will gain deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


小學中高年級 (10-12歲)

  • 這個年齡段側重閲讀習慣的鞏固,思辨能力的提高: 培養學生查漢字字典,自學生字,訓練對各優秀文學體裁的閲讀和寫作能力、分析能力和简單的文學賞鑒能力;提高中文重要詞彙舆語法的理解,分析與運用成語特有詞彙,鞏固孩子的中文基礎。  

  • 我們鼓勵學生通過辯論來更深層次地了解自己、朋友以及周邊的世界。 

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