English and Mandarin Bilingual Palygroup

Program Feature

We believe introducing foreign languages to our children in an early age will help them to learn any foreign language in the future easier and much more likely to be proficient like native speakers.  Study has also shown learning foreign languages will help young children in their listening skills, memory, and understanding of the world around them.  Our teachers are native English and native Mandarin and both with many years of experience of teaching young children.  We aim to implement real culture and into our teaching and strive to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for our young children. 

Curriculum (2.8~6 years old) (6~8 children per group)

Through the use of pictures, texts, activities, music, dances and virtual games that imitate real life experiences, our curriculum allows children to connect their thoughts, feelings, understanding of themselves and gain self-esteem.  Our teachers encourage the young students to use the newly acquired words and phrases through active interaction and pretend play.       





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