Journey to the West and Three Kingdoms

September 29, 2019

Navigating through "Journey to the West" / and “Romance of The Three Kingdoms"

Learn the main contents of the famous “Journey to the West” and “The Romance of The Three Kingdoms” through interesting games.  The purpose of this class is to inspire curiosity, cultivate interest in reading, and analysing the characteristics of the colorful characters in the stories.  Student might be asked to play out the stories to gain a better understanding of the characters in the book and their emotional experiences.  

Course content: 

1. Listen: listen to the conversations in the story and try to understand the character and the mood. 

2. Speak: speak out the dialogue in the story and express the characters’ emotion and traits.

3. Read: read, appreciate, and retell the stories. Use plot summary to summarize the story outline. 

4. Write: rewrite conversations and recreate main characters. 

5. Play: create and write a script and roleplay the story.

(Each course will select one of the famous books) 

 Age: 7-16 years old



            •           聽: 聆聽故事中的對話,聽出人物性格、身份和心情。

            •           說: 演繹故事中的對話,表達人物的性格、身份和心情。

            •           讀: 閱讀、欣賞、想像奇特的故事,運用“故事手掌”架構故事大綱。

            •           寫: 對話創作,寫出主要人物的性格、身份和心情。

            •           演: 自編劇本,角色扮演。



Chinese Idioms

September 29, 2019

Teach children Chinese idioms with fun and engaging games.  Students learn and use idioms step by step in a fun environment.  By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of Chinese history and culture, and improve their language proficiency and ability. 

Course content: Through videos and eighteen fun and delightful language games such as “Connecting Words”, “Idioms Cartons”, “Speak Up”, “Fill in the Blank” etc.  Students will learn idioms though hands-on activities and roleplaying games and will be able to use Chinese idioms with ease by the end of the course.  

Age: 6-14 years old


課程內容: 看影片讀故事,通過十八個生動活潑的語文遊戲,「成語接龍」「圖形成語」「畫中有話」和「填字遊戲」等等,動口、動手玩一玩,加深加廣成語的活用,脫口說出成語來。


Creative Art in Mandarin

September 29, 2019

Come and join us this summer and we will turn Art and Chinese learning into some of our engaging Chinese games, such as “Dancing Lines”, “Bring out Five Senses”, “Rhythm Dance”, “Run the Maze”.  These games are aim to unleash your children’s creative potential and stimulate right brain, left brain and logical thinking in your children!


Course content:

Across subjects: art, calligraphy, music, design, dance, drama, physical movement... 

Multi-media: paint, draw, sculpture, mazes, installation art, fashion design... 

 Age: 3-12 years old





Picture Book Decoding

September 29, 2019

Apply the five essential elements of international IB curriculum: Attitudes, Knowledge, Key Concepts, Skills, and Action into our picture book analysis which help students’ exposure to the IB concepts at an early age and able to apply these elements in their understanding and acquisition of knowledge. Students will be creating their own picture books and through these activities, they bring their stories to life. 

課程特色: 將國際IB課程的五大要素知識、概念、技能、態度和行動等,貫穿到故事內容--幫助學生學習知識,理解概念。通過繪本創作遊戲,讓文字與圖畫跳躍到生活里,變化出生動、創意、好玩的繪本遊戲。


Social and culture: Friendship is the theme

Communication: Listen, observe, and speak up, that’s the way to go!

Physical development: 1,2,3, bounce and bounce

Cognitive growth: Information processing and problem solving 

Multiple senses: describe how we feel when we touch, we smell, we look, and we listen

            Age: 2-5 years old

          •        幼兒啟蒙班








          •        Writing Fiction with Illustrations

1. Stories: storyline, create illustrations from storyline, and create your own story

2. Themes: love, humanity, technology, family, friendship or adventure

3. Poetry: poems with pictures to create a poetry book or collection

4. Prose and Verse: with illustrations

5. Memos: photo notes, personal biography, diary, and travel journals

6. Interactive picture book: design riddles, brain teaser, games, or special activities

Age: 5-14 years old

                   •        趣味故事創作班


2. 主題繪本:知性主題;感性主題;趣味主題。

3. 詩歌繪本:一詩一繪本;詩集。

4. 散文繪本:一文一繪本;文集。

5. 生活繪本:相片記事;個人傳記;日記或周記;旅遊或參訪札記。

6. 互動繪本:設計謎語、動動腦、遊戲、或特別頁面。


Chinese Creative Writing

September 29, 2019

Course features: develop creative thinking, inspire imagination, and improve Chinese writing skills.

1. Inspire children's creative thinking and interests through games, images, videos and other forms.

2. Learn the use of rhetorical devices in writing including amplification, metaphor, and Chinese idioms.

3. Read famous literatures and analyze their writing styles.

4. Learn to write a variety of essays: Narratives, descriptions, exposition, explanations, argumentative and news commentary.

(Classes are grouped by Students’ Chinese levels)

Age (7~16 years old)

課程特色: 拓展創意思維,啟發聯想力、想像力,提升寫作技巧。




4. 由淺入深學習各類文章體裁的寫作: 記敘,描寫,應用,說明,議論文及時事評論等。



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