Junior High School (12-15)

  • Cognitive and compression are the focus for this age group.  Students will study variety of literature, modern poetry, ancient poetry, essays, news reports, and commentaries.  Student will practice debating and give presentations.  They will learn to analyze different aspects of Chinese and foreign literature and non-literature.   


  • 這階段是認知型、理解型學習:老師會讓學生繼續鞏固各文學體裁的閲讀舆寫作,如現代詩歌、散文、古詩詞和隨筆、新聞報導、評論等,鍛練他們聽說讀寫能力,學會演示、發表評論;引导學習和分析中外文學和非文學作品;探索和分析自身文化、居住國文化和其它文化的各個方面 

High School (16-18 year old) 

  • This age group will focus on critical thinking and research ability.  The objective is to develop advanced critical thinking ability, presentation skills.  Students will be guided to analyze Chinese ancient classic literature, philosophy, modern literature.  Students will learn to express their analysis in written and oral academic Chinese.  Students will have group discussion in classroom about social insights and artistic appreciation.


  • 這階段是思辨型、研究型學習,目標是發展學生的高階思辨能力、表達能力和文學批評及文化批評能力:老師會引導學生了解分析中國古代的文學經典、哲學思想、現當代文學,以及世界文學的發展。培養學生高度的社會洞察力、审美和文化素養,並在課堂進行交流溝通。 

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