Meet the Main Team

We have a very strong team of teachers.  They have combined more than 30 years of teaching experience.  They are all passionated about their subjects and are committed to provide the best learning experience to our children. 

Wu Lao Shi

  • Vivian, Wu Lao Shi graduated from School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management. 

  • She is very enthusiastic about art and dancing

  • She has over 12 years of dance experience herself and has been competing in different dance festivals and competitions.

  • She has taught children Chinese, art and dancing for many years.

  • 伍老師畢業於中文大學專業進修學院

  • 自幼熱愛藝術及舞蹈表演

  • 擁有十二年舞蹈訓練根基, 多次參加校際舞蹈節及地區舞蹈賽並獲得獎項

  • 伍老師有多年的中文. 繪畫和舞蹈教育經驗.

Cheng Lao Shi

  • Stephanie Cheng is a member of Business and Technology Education Council

  • She graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers

  • She attended St. Clare‘s Girls’ School

  • She has been teaching children's painting class and handicraft class in Hongkong for more than 7 years

  • 鄭老師 英國商業與技術教育委員會

  • 明愛白英奇專業學校

  • 聖嘉勒女書院

  • 平面設計專科畢業,於香港任教兒童繪畫班、手工藝班超過七年


  • Joe is native English from Canada and has been a math and English teacher at our center for more than five years now. 

  • He is a father of two children, one of which is attending university in the Canada and the other one is attending Boarding school in North America. 

  • Joe had a very successful career in Finance and now he is retired and enjoys teaching younger children. 

  • He loves to make complicated math problems fun and easy for students to understand and use. 

  • He understand some of his students come from mainland China are afraid of speaking out loud and he knows exactly know how to get them start speaking and reading confidently. 

  • Joe is a very passionate and experience teacher.   

Yin Lao Shi

  • Yin Lao Shi graduated from Hubei Broadcasting Institute.

  • She obtained a Certificate as Senior Putonghua Teachers with a Certificate in Level 1 in Hong Kong Baptist University.

  • She also studied Early Childhood Education at the Open University of Hong Kong.

  • Yin Lao Shi has more than 10 years of experience in early childhood education. She has taught at YMCA pre-school, Jungleroo Early Education Centre and Canaan Kindergarten etc.

  • She has also taken students to participate in inter-school readings and other recitation competitions. Her students have won numerous awards.

  • 尹老師畢業於湖北廣播學院

  • 在香港浸會大學取得高級普通話教師文憑證書及國家語委一級乙等證書

  • 亦曾在香港公開大學修讀幼兒教育文憑課程

  • 擁有十多年的幼兒教育經驗          

  • 曾在翠茵小宇宙國際幼稚園和迦南幼稚園任教                             

  • 尹老師亦曾帶學生參加校際朗誦及其它朗誦比賽 同時也獲得不同獎項

Bian Lao Shi

  • Bian Lao Shi, Susan Bian graduated from NanJing Normal University in China with a teaching degree.

  • She has been teaching Chinese in China and Hong Kong for the past ten years.  

  • Her students are from both local schools and International schools

  • She has great experiences in teaching young children and she writes and edits her own teaching materials.

  • 卞老師畢業于南京師範大學

  • 國內、香港本地普通話學校及國際學校任職超過十年

  • 開辦普通話中心並任教十多年,具有豐富的教學經驗及教材編寫經驗

  • 是不可多得的全方面老師

  • ​真可以說是桃李滿天下

Wu Lao Shi

  • Wu Lao Shi graduated with a Music Education degree from the Teachers College of Jimei University, Fujian Province in 1996.

  • She worked as a music teacher in Fuqing City No. 6 Middle School in Fujian Province before she went to Singapore to learn English.  

  • From 1999 to 2006, she took studies in the field Shichida Method (whole-brain stimulation programme for children) in Japan and taught Japanese children Chinese while there.

  • In 2009, after Wu Lao Shi obtained certification in the Shichida Method in Beijing, she opened “Shichida Sunshine Whole Brain Development Centre” in Fujian.

  • Wu Lao Shi is a very patient, self-motivated teacher. She applies her study in Shichida and help her students use flash cards and other tools to learn Chinese. She mergers unique right-brain training with conventional left brain education. Her method stimulates children’s logical thinking, sparks their creative and imagination, enhances their self-confidence, as well as strengthens their body and mind in a balanced, structured approach.

  • 吳老師1996年 畢業於福建省集美大學師範學院音樂教育專業

  • 1997年-1998年 福建省福清市第六中學擔任音樂教師

  • 1998年-1999年 新加坡COLEMAN COMMERCIAL & LANGUAGE CENTRE 學習英語,課餘到新加坡各小學教授中文。

  • 1999年5月 隨夫赴日本,期間學習兒童右腦開發課程。學習之餘,教日本小孩學習中文。 

  • 2006年 回國。 2009年 開辦七田陽光全腦開發中心,把在日本學到的閃卡、各種記憶訓練方法運用於兒童識字中,提高孩子們的學習興趣,增強記憶力,從而全方位提升學習能力。 2018年,5月女兒回香港上學,來港陪讀。

  • 吳老師性格沉穩,細緻,觀察力強,思維活躍、上進心極強,而且為人隨和,易於溝通,能夠比較輕易地融入工作群體,有足夠信心迎接任何工作的挑戰。

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